Privacy Statement

We here at White Antelope Systems do not believe in unsolicited junk mail, junk email, junk faxes, junk newsgroup posts, telemarketing cold callers, or any similiar activities. We certainly do not and will not engage in any of that.

When you register your software with us we do record your email address, registration name, and what products you registered. This is used to issue you your registration code, and to ensure you're eligible for free or discounted future software upgrades in accordance with our upgrade policy.

Unless you request otherwise, we may also send you email relating to significant bugs, bug-fixes, or new revisions of software you have purchased from us.

We do not supply this information to ANYONE else, and we use it ourselves for no other purposes.

Our web pages do not use cookies.

Please note that if you pay your registration fee using PayPal, then that portion of your transaction is governed by PayPal's privacy statement. If you pay through Handango, then that portion of your transaction will be governed by Handango's privacy statement.