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NOTAM Tracker provides an easy way to keep up-to-date on the latest NOTAM changes for your specific area or route. NOTAM Tracker remembers which Notices-to-Airmen you have already seen, flagging new NOTAMs as well as ones that have just been deleted. Unlike web pages such as AOPA's, NOTAM Tracker downloads an official DUATS briefing as its data source every time you use it - so you will always have the most up-to-date information available for your specific airport or route, as provided by the FAA.

Additionally NOTAM Tracker scans DUATS briefings for latitude/longitude coordinates, creating an index of TFRs, new obsticles and FAA waypoints. Besides location coordinates, NOTAM tracker extracts TFR radius and altitude information from the briefing whenever possible. Garmin portable GPS users may automatically upload these TFRs/obsticles/waypoints to their GPS, making it much easier to ensure you're not violating the many new and changing airspace restrictions. Users with PDAs may export their briefing to their device, where it can be viewed in full color*.

While web sites like AOPA's have done an excellent job of trying to keep pilots informed of changing NOTAMs, they are often not updated on weekends and after hours, they aren't the official (and legal) FAA source, and they don't include local NOTAMs for your area - such as firefighting TFRs and temporarily closed runway notices. NOTAM Tracker provides all of these and more!

Why not try NOTAM Tracker for FREE?  Download the trial program and install it on your Windows 98/SE/ME/NT/2000/XP machine and try it for 15 uses.  If it suits your purposes, you can register it for only $24.99!

Download Version 1.02 NOTAM Tracker for Windows (357KB) version info

(If this link doesn't download properly, try right-clicking on it and choosing "Save Target As...").

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The user must have a free DUATS account from Dyncorp (www.duats.com) or another internet DUATS provider to use NOTAM Tracker. Instructions for setting up your account if you don't already have one are included with the software.


*This depends, of course, on the capabilities of your PDA. PocketPC users can display their briefings in full color using Pocket Word. NOTAM Tracker can produce briefings in either Rich Text or Plain Text format.




LEGAL NOTICES: DTC, or Data Transformation Corporation, the provider of DUATS service at www.duat.com, is in no way affiliated with White Antelope Systems. DynCorp Information Services LLC, the provider of DUATS service at www.duats.com, is in no way affiliated with White Antelope Systems. NOTAM Tracker acts as a web browser to collect information from these, or other, services. White Antelope Systems and NOTAM Tracker do not provide, and are not responsible for, any information. NOTAM Tracker merely reformats the data provided for more convenient viewing. While NOTAM Tracker attempts to track notams, and search for coordinates within the briefing, the accuracy of such coordinates, radii, and altitudes cannot be gauranteed. It is the pilot's responsibility to review the briefing for completeness, and to check the accuracy of the coordinate translations. Lookup of airport identifiers is provided by linking to www.airnav.com,which is also in no way affiliated with White Antelope Systems.