New Features in CheckLister XP

Unlimited Subheading Levels
CheckLister XP has a totally redesigned model for creating CheckLists. In previous versions of CheckLister you could only have one level of headings; for example, your grocery CheckList could have a heading 'Meats' and under that the entries 'Steak', 'Whole Chicken' and 'Chicken Breasts'. CheckLister XP supports any number of subheadings. Now you could redesign your CheckList to have a heading 'Meats', and under that subheadings of 'Beef' and 'Chicken'.

There is no limit to how many levels you can have in your CheckLists. 

Up to Five Different Checkbox States
In previous versions of CheckLister checkboxes could have two states: checked and unchecked, or three states: checked, unchecked, and an intermediate, "partially completed" state. CheckLister XP allows up the three different partially completed states.

You can easily arrange your list to display only items completed to certain levels.

CheckLister XP has a user-customizable 'key' so you can make it easy to tell what checkbox state means what. The key can be shown on the screen and printed with the CheckList.

Drag-and-Drop Editing
CheckLister XP supports drag-and-drop editing within your CheckList, as well as the cut-and-paste operations supported in previous versions. A 'View Clipboard' option allows you to quickly see what is on the clipboard before you paste items in place.

 Context Help
CheckLister for Windows watches what you're trying to do, and automatically displays a Help button directing you to help on that feature.

Many other Features
Importing previous CheckLists, sorting items, graphical progress indicators, a clipboard viewer, ability to Export your CheckList to a text file, and improved user and CheckList options are some of the new features supported in CheckLister XP.

For more information on CheckLister XP, including screenshots, click here.