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CheckLister XP provides solutions for both PocketPC and Windows platforms.

Windows Screenshot
  CheckLister XP for Windows screen shot


PocketPC Screen Shot

CheckLister for PocketPC screen shot

Why not try CheckLister XP?  Download the trial program and install on your Windows 98/SE/ME/NT/XP machine and/or your PocketPC, PocketPC 2002 or PocketPC 2003 device, and TRY IT FOR FREE for 15 uses.  If it suits your purposes, you can register it for $14.99 for Windows, $14.99 for PocketPC, or save money and get both for only $24.99!

Download Version 2.41 (includes both CheckLister for Windows 98/SE/ME/NT/2000/XP and PocketPC/PocketPC2002/PocketPC2003 in one 790KB file) version info

Registered CheckLister 1.x users who want to upgrade to CheckLister XP, click here.

(If this link doesn't download properly, try right-clicking on it and choosing "Save Target As...").

If you like the product and want to register it, click here.





LEGAL NOTICES: CheckLister XP is a trademark of White Antelope Systems. PocketPC, Windows and Microsoft are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.