CheckLister XP(tm) for Windows and PocketPC Features

  Items can be organized under headings and sub-headings to make them easy to find. For example, a 'Groceries' CheckList might include a heading for 'Meats', a sub-heading for 'Chicken', and a list of chicken products below that.  Sub-headings can  have sub-sub-headings, to any level.

  You can temporarily 'collapse' a heading and hide all the items under it to make it easier to navigate your checklist. CheckLister XP automatically keeps track of the status of the sub-items for each heading (and sub-headings), letting you know if there are still unchecked items within it.

  To organize your checklist you can choose which items to display. For instance, you can have CheckLister only display items that haven't yet been checked off. Many different views are available.


You can also make up your own combination attributes that determine which items are displayed:


  CheckLists are easily created on your desktop and then copied to a PocketPC, using Microsoft's ActiveSync technology. Full editing is also possible on the portable device.  Both the PocketPC and desktop versions of CheckLister XP support drag-and-drop as well as cut-and-paste editing operations.
  CheckLister XP supports multiple state checkboxes.  Each item can have up to five different states (a two-state checkbox can only be 'checked' or 'unchecked').   For instance, one might setup a Camping Gear checklist so that the first check mark indicates that the item has been purchased, and the second checkmark indicates that it has actually been stowed in the Camper or Trailer.  You can create a custom key for each CheckList to let users know what each state means.

  CheckLister stores the date and time that a checkbox is checked or unchecked. This can be useful in certain applications where it is desirable to keep track of when an item was completed. For example, by creating a CheckList with three Runner's names in it, during a race you can check off as each crosses the finish line.


CheckLister XP for Windows comes with an extensive help file to get you started quickly.  The program monitors your actions and automatically suggests help on your current operation at the bottom of the screen.

The first time you use certain functions unique to CheckLister XP a help screen will be displayed with tips to make your job easier.

  On the Windows version OLE features allow you to embed your CheckLists into other programs such as Microsoft's Excel and Word programs.
  Each CheckList item can include an unlimited length text comment, perfect for longer, more complex directions or instructions for that item.
  CheckLister XP has many other features including sorting of lists, creating PocketPC tasks from CheckList items, importing of older CheckLists, graphical progress indicators, a clipboard viewer, ability to export your CheckList as a text file for use with other programs, search function, and many more.

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I have become a CheckLister addict....I use it a lot, for shopping, for sport and work related issues as well.

-- O.S., Sweden